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Irs Tax Attorney

An IRS tax attorney is an experienced professional who can solve most tax problems. There are many ways to address even the most severe tax problems so that you get tax relief while preserving your most important assets. By the time most people consider retaining a tax attorney the situation has deteriorated to the point where the taxpayer feels as if they are fighting a losing battle.

Taxation Without Representation

Everyone knows they owe income taxes, but that doesn't preclude unexpected financial problems from interfering with the ability to pay. In addition, many problems are not even the taxpayer's fault. The IRS makes plenty of mistakes but always assumes it's right.

The result is you can get hit with taxes you didn't even know you owe. It's like taxation without representation, because these are taxes with no legitimacy. But how do you prove this to the IRS?

An IRS tax attorney is an expert who can work with you in either case to negotiate the lowest settlement possible or to get the incorrect tax amount recalculated. A tax attorney is a specialist who can assist taxpayers with any tax problem.

* Back taxes

* Bank levy

* Wage garnishment

* Excessive penalties

* Liens

* IRS errors

In most cases, the resolution can be arranged quickly because the IRS has millions of such cases to deal with annually. When the IRS negotiates with a tax attorney they know is knowledgeable about the rules of the game, it's much harder for the agency to play games.

Boston Tea Party

When the nation's colonists resented English taxes on tea they took a stand and threw the tea into the harbor. This led to a series of events that resulted in the creation of a free nation. When you hire an IRS tax attorney, you gain representation that's willing to take a stand for you in front of the IRS.

Successful tax negotiation results in freedom in many ways. You are freed from IRS harassment, freed from levies and liens that bind your ability to function financially, and freed from the anxiety the IRS can inspire through their collection practices.

An IRS tax attorney can negotiate any of a number of tax solutions.

* Garnishment releases

* Levy releases

* Lien subordination

* Installment payments

* Account balance corrections

* Settlement amount

* Uncollectible status

When you are faced with unpaid taxes and no relief in sight, an IRS tax attorney can free you from the binding collection process. Instead of taxation without representation, you'll have corrected taxes after skilled representation during the negotiating process.

You don't need to be afraid of the IRS. They have rules they must follow also!